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6 Things Monthly Archives: August 2019

August 26th, 2019  : India, Trying Hard
August 23rd, 2019  : India’s Money Woes
August 21st, 2019  : Pakistan, Unhappy
August 19th, 2019  : Indian Rain
August 16th, 2019  : India, Going Down
August 14th, 2019  : Kashmir, in Tears
August 12th, 2019  : Kashmir, Not Normal
August 9th, 2019  : Kashmir, Addressed
August 7th, 2019  : Kashmir is not a State
August 5th, 2019  : Kashmir, Uneasy
August 2nd, 2019  : India Shining (Not)
On 26th August 2019, 6 Things covers Indian Government's efforts to curb the economic downturn, Kashmir's continuing crisis, a biodiversity hotspot in the Western Ghats, P V Sindhu's extraordinary achievement, Jair Bolsonaro's war on climate, and our brain's inherent lack of empathy in matters regarding climate change.
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On 23rd August 2019, 6 Things covers India's continuing economic woes, Chandrayaan 2's stunning achievements, Mumbai's "green" family, violence in Kashmir, terrible fires in the Amazon rainforest, and Facebook's revamped business strategy.
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On 21st August 2019, 6 Things covers India-Pakistan's deteriorating relations, a Delhi man's efforts to help stranded Kashmiris, Congress' never-ending woes, Uppuluru's amazing priests, persecution of the Chinese Uighurs, and the strict training of a Shaolin monk.
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On 19th August 2019, 6 Things covers India's monsoon calamity, Kashmir's continuing woes, India's economic downturn, the surprising profitability of tiger reserves, irreparable effects of climate change, and Donald Trump's bid to buy Greenland.
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On 16 August 2019, 6 Things covers the sorry state of India's economy, Kashmir's continued woes, five Indian high-schoolers and their amazing app, the impending global recession, forgotten women freedom fighters, and the absurd history of the micronation of Sealand.
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On 14th August 2019, 6 Things covers the ongoing Kashmir crisis, India's rising temperatures, India's economic woes, Shashi Tharoor's arrest warrant, the continuing protests in Hong Kong, and Russia's mysterious radioactive explosion.
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On 12th August 2019, 6 Things covers the continued distress of Kashmir, Sandeep Pandey's house arrest, India's top cow official, Kerala's flood situation, marijuana in India in the 80s, and the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.
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On 9th August 2019, 6 Things covers PM Modi's efforts at reassuring Kashmiris, Pranab Mukherjee's Bharat Ratna, the crisis amongst India's doctors, Sudha Bhardwaj's continued battle for justice, agriculture production during changing climates, and Aung Saan Suu Kyi's spectacular fall from grace.
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On 7th August 2019, 6 Things covers the landmark repeal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, latest developments in the Ayodhya land case, passing of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, Sushma Swaraj's untimely death, Toni Morrison's passing away, and the secret world of Indian homebrewing.
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On 5th August 2019, 6 Things covers the increasing tension in Kashmir, passing of the UAPA Amendment Bill, Mumbai monsoons, India and Israel's friendship, mass shootings in USA, and Russia's proposed "Chernobyl on ice".
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On 2nd August 2019, 6 Things covers the sorry state of India's economy, Vadodara's friendly crocodiles, the two sides of the tiger conservation story, a Goddess Durga pilgrimage in Balochistan, Saudi Arabia's slow march towards equality, and China's brutal plan to stop the protests in Hong Kong.
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