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6 Things Monthly Archives: December 2019

December 30th, 2019  : The Cost of CAA
December 27th, 2019  : Uttar Pradesh, Burning
December 20th, 2019  : India, Rising
December 18th, 2019  : India, In Distress
December 16th, 2019  : India, Burning
December 13th, 2019  : Secular (?!) Democratic Republic
December 11th, 2019  : Proof Of (Being) An Indian
December 9th, 2019  : Delhi, Up In Flames
December 6th, 2019  : The Continuing Horrors of Unnao
December 4th, 2019  : The Woes of India’s Economy
December 2nd, 2019  : Hyderabad Horrors
On 30th December, 6 Things covers the impact of CAA across the nation, the new ruling protesting Kashmir's forests, the actions of Jharkhand's new Chief Minister, China's horrific treatment of the Uighurs, the creation of a 21st century field guide for birds, and stark images of Americans being driven to homelessness due to the climate emergency.
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On 27th December, 6 Things covers Uttar Pradesh's brutal suppression of dissent, locust attacks on Gujarat, the unusual cold wave that climate change is responsible for, NREGA's ironic position as one of India's top air pollutants, an Indian priest's fight on the behalf of LGBTQA Christians, and a man's lucrative career eating noodles.
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On 20th December 2019, 6 Things covers the sweeping protests against India's Citizenship Amendment Act, Kashmir's continued suffering, Pervez Musharraf's death sentence, the problem with India's Green Revolution, the breakdown of Trump-Kim Jong Un's diplomacy, and a man who foraged for his food for one whole year.
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On 18th December 2019, 6 Things covers the continuing protests against CAA, Suresh Angadi's alarming remark, Jammu & Kashmir's disappearing forests, Gwalior's "new" gun laws, women's deaths in Nepal due to the practice of chhaupadi, and a non-profit's efforts to rehabilitate newly released prisoners.
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On 16th December 2019, 6 Things covered the horrific aftermath of the passing of CAB, a Kerala panchayat's aim to become carbon-neutral, indefinite detention of Kashmiri leaders, the dangers of the Personal Data Protection Bill, Amazon's venture into space, and the phenomenon of "Instagram Face".
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On 13th December, 6 Things covers the widespread unrest over the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, the Nanavati-Mehta Commission's clean chit to the Gujarat Government, Supreme Court's dismissal of all review petitions regarding its Ayodhya verdict, Madhya Pradesh's bizarre pre-wedding photo shoot ban, general elections in the UK, and the miracle of the Amazonian supertree.
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On 11th December, 6 Things covers the controversy around the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, BJP's sweep of Karnataka's by-elections, Chhatisgarh's horrific fake "encounters", the unlikely kho-kho champion from India, the upcoming elections in the UK, and the problems with disaster capitalism.
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On 9th December, 6 Things covers the devastating fire in Delhi's Anaj Mandi, Maharashtra's solar micro-grids for impoverished communities, the exciting bypolls in Karnataka, Boris Johnson's wooing of India, six months of Hong Kong's protests, and the bizarre modern art with a ripe banana and a piece of duct tape.
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On 6th December, 6 Things covers the continuing horrors of Unnao, the problems with the Government's Citizenship Bill, the growth in India's rural poverty levels, the important things to know about the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019, the drafting of impeachment articles against President Donald Trump, and Malta's imminent crisis.
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On 4th December, 6 Things covers the continued slowdown of India's economy, Uddhav Thackarey's newest agenda, an Indian tiger's amazing journey, Ola's preparation for its IPO, China's horrific persecution of its Uighur minorities, and Elon Musk's new project melding mind and machine.
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On 2nd December, 6 Things covers the horrific rape and murder in Hyderabad, Jharkhand's uneasy Assembly Elections, the revival of Kerala's ancient weaver's village of Chendamangalam, the life and times of India's first Mr. Universe, terror attack in London, and the heartbreaking after-effects of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy on the city's current generation.
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