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6 Things Monthly Archives: January 2020

January 31st, 2020  : Jamia, Shot At
January 22nd, 2020  : The Bru Question
January 20th, 2020  : Children Against CAA
January 17th, 2020  : Kashmir, Still Unmoored
January 15th, 2020  : The Great Indian Protests
January 13th, 2020  : The Great Indian Slowdown
January 10th, 2020  : The Protesting Indian
January 8th, 2020  : India Strikes
January 6th, 2020  : JNU, Beaten Up
On 31st January, 6 Things covers the pro-CAA activist who shot at unarmed students, India's crisis-laden banking sector, the official date for Brexit, the data landfill that is Facebook's privacy tool, new education initiatives at Indian madrassas, and Hollywood's bleak obsession with AI.
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On 22nd January 2020, 6 Things covers the contentious rehabilitation of Mizoram's Bru people, AAP's clever election strategy in Delhi's upcoming Assembly elections, the mysterious deaths of eight Keralites in Nepal, Mohun Bagan and ATK's controversial merger, the frightening spread of coronavirus in China, and research into how pre-historic human beings boiled water.
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On 20th January, 6 Things covers the shocking detention of children in Bihar over anti-CAA protests, a Kashmiri farmer's unlawful detention in Iraq, the unlikely way forward for Syria's women, the idea of humans being able to hibernate, Norway and China's unusual potential partnership, and the first ever surf lifesaving club in Palestine.
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On 17th January 2020, 6 Things covers the sorry state of Kashmir's internet, the UP Government's chilling drive to list potential refugees, a unique unifying Thayyam in Kerala, new developments in the Jyoti Singh case, the resignation of the entirety of Russian Government, and the pain of losing livelihoods while fleeing a volcano.
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On 15th January, 6 Things covers the numerous anti-CAA protests and activities across India, India's alarming food price inflation, the hottest oceans in recorded history, Iran's grim economic condition amidst tension with USA, the Arkansas-Marshall Islands adoption racket, and Oscar nominations 2020.
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On 13th January 2020, 6 Things covers the hopeless slowdown of India's economy, the inadequacy of India's current education system, a top J&K cop's shocking terrorist connection, bombings on Iraq's military base, the sudden eruption of Taal volcano near Manila, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's shocking royal announcement.
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On 10th January 2020, 6 Things covers the ongoing protests against CAA/NRC in India, Supreme Court's impending judgment on the Kashmir internet shutdown, Noida SSP's controversial suspension, the House of Commons' approving stamp on Brexit, the horrifying fallout of the Australian brush fires, and a mysterious radio signal from a galaxy like ours.
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On 8th January 2020, 6 Things covers the upcoming nation-wide industrial strike, continued protests in JNU, BJP's inadvertent help of AAP, Goa's women footballers, and the fascinating story of the Alaskan ghost town of Kennecott Mines.
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On 6th January 2020, 6 Things covers the horrific violence in JNU, Maharashtra's wobbly Government, Bangladesh's controversial Chief Justice, Bihar's tryst with the NPR, Iran's slain General, and the pocket-size particle accelerator.
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