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November 11th, 2019  : Ram Janmabhoomi
November 8th, 2019  : The Case About Ayodhya
November 6th, 2019  : Cops, Up In Arms
November 4th, 2019  : Delhi’s Inability To Breathe
November 1st, 2019  : WhatsApp Attacks
October 30th, 2019  : Kashmir, According To Europe
October 27th, 2019  : Diwali, Not So Bright
October 25th, 2019  : BJP, Bruised
October 23rd, 2019  : India Decides
October 21st, 2019  : India, Voting
October 18th, 2019  : Hungry India
October 16th, 2019  : India, (Still) Going Down
October 11th, 2019  : The Modi-Jinping Meet
On 11th November 2019, 6 Things covers the far-reaching implications of Supreme Court's Ayodhya verdict, Shafali Verma's record-breaking cricketing, Maharashtra's power-sharing tussle, Tihar jail's fascinating inmates, humanity's extinct food, and two deaf Indian boys' road to stardom.
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On 8th November 2019, 6 Things covers the upcoming Ayodhya verdict, the Inner Line Permit in Meghalaya, the opening of the Kartarpur corridor, Kashmir's silently suffering women, WeWork's spectacular fall, and events following a whale's death.
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On 6th November 2019, 6 Things covers the police protests in NCR, the reason behind stubble burning in Punjab, the state of migrant workers in Kashmir, West Bengal BJP Chief's bizarre statement, anti-Government protests in Iraq, and Paul Whelan's grim fate in Russia.
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On 4th November 2019, 6 Things covers the grave pollution levels in Delhi NCR, India's amazing women's hockey team, the appalling state of the Bru people in Tripura, Bangladesh's historic cricket win over India, smuggler's sawing through Trump's "Mexico wall", and funeral guests finding themselves inadvertently eating hash cakes.
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On 1st November 2019, 6 Things covers the audacious spyware attack on Indian citizens, Jammu and Kashmir's first day as new legal entities, a veteran CPI leader's death, cyber attack on a nuclear power plant, German farmers' beef with Angela Merkel, and a man's tryst with the marijuana stored up his nose.
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On 30th October 2019, 6 Things covers the EU delegation's fraught visit to Kashmir, Shiv Sena and BJP's tense alliance in Maharashtra, a shocking RTI revelation, China's pork woes, a Peruvian student's incredible feat, and the possible discovery of humanity's homeland.
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On 28th October 2019, 6 Things covers this year's lacklustre Diwali, the ISIS chief's apparent death, Delhi's monkey problem, Kashmir's continuing woes, a fascinating research on drug use, and rehabilitating refugees in Europe.
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On 25th October 2019, 6 Things covers the surprising election results in Haryana and Maharashtra, the Panaji-bound nightmarish tanker, latest developments in the Kartarpur corridor, fast fashion's horrible carbon footprint, Canada's diverse Parliament, and the first main female character in "Asterix and Obelix".
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On 23rd October 2019, 6 Things covers the Exit Polls for Haryana and Maharashtra, Supreme Court's tryst with social media and Aadhaar, climate activism that is inclusive, NCRB's grim report, Iranian football's female spectators, and Ireland's messy reunification prospects.
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On 21st October 2019, 6 Things covers Haryana and Maharashtra's upcoming Assembly elections, India's thriving parallel economy of fake products, China's export of intolerance to India, a skateboarding genius from Tamil Nadu, Chile's violent protests, and NASA's historic all-female spacewalk.
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On 18th October 2019, 6 Things covers India's dismal ranking in the Global Hunger Index, Reserve Bank's strange decision, Uttar Pradesh's rising intolerance, Donald Trump's bizarre letter, Kolkata's original peanut butter, and America's rigged election maps.
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On 16th October 2019, 6 Things covers India's continuing economic crisis, Kashmir's communication situation, Savarkar's proposed Bharat Ratna, the danger to Dahanu's fragile ecological balance, Google employees' solidarity with Hong Kong protestors, and NASA's intent to bring back water from the moon.
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On 11th October, 6 Things covers Xi Jinping's impending visit, Hong Kong's resourceful protestors, Aarey colony's grief, Saudi Arabia's feminist move, Jeff Bezos' war cry, and worrying signs for the Polish democracy.
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